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Finding Forgiveness in November

If you can recall, October was all about observance. I hope you managed to practice some form of observance, however briefly. This form of mindfulness is a good start to understanding ourselves on a deeper level.

I had some intense moments of inspection and introspection during the month. I sat back & watched. I watched as my emotions roller-coasted. I watched my reaction to ranging class sizes. I watched my pride inflate as I sat through parent teacher meetings. I watched my feeling of helplessness while witnessing heart break in a close loved one.

So what happens once we understand what we’re observing within and around ourselves? My best guess would be, we celebrate & find joy in the strength of our resilience, the strength at being non reactive, however small. By the same way we celebrate this control, so too must we forgive ourselves for our weaknesses and look on them as a means to learning, growing, being more in tune, being more in love.

Before we gracefully glide into the month of giving, I invite you to prepare yourself by being generously forgiving to yourself and others. This will clear your energy, nourish your soul and allow more space in your heart for love and compassion to flourish.

Like Deepak Chopra says “What we don’t recognize is that holding onto resentment is like holding onto your breath. You’ll soon start to suffocate.”

Breathe in joy, breathe in love.



Shhh…look what’s coming in 2019 !!!

5 Day Yoga Retreats in France

May & September 2019

Confirmed dates & pricing will be sent out in the next few weeks, just in time for Christmas!

Members get first priority on places


Yoga, Juice & Veggie Detox Weekends in South Cerney

March, June, August


Relax & Restore Yoga Mornings

Sat 27th November and 8th December


Shaw Ridge Primary School

BOOK NOW - Limited Spaces Left


These workshops will be a little different to all the other workshops in that the focus will be more on pampering rather than learning. This will be your chance to relax and unwind with like-minded yogi’s before the festive season takes charge.

​We will be immersing ourselves in some of yoga’s finest relaxation techniques to help you find your bliss. Included in the workshop will be a 25 minute yoga nidra, a full 75 minute Yin class by candle light, a visualisation meditation and some heartfelt pranayama (breathing techniques).

Festive snacks, joyful goodie bags and as usual, all equipment will be provided.

There will also be 10 minute de-stress sequences, in the form of handouts, given at the end to help see you through the festive break.


New Year Workshops

New Year New You

Sat 12th Jan

Beginners Start Your Journey

Sat 26th Jan

Confirmed dates & pricing will be sent out in the next few weeks, just in time for Christmas!

Now booking Kids Yoga Parties!

Please see website for more details


Struggling for XMas Ideas?

Introducing our NEW Gift Voucher


Tailor your gift and make it a Christmas to remember:

5 Class Pass (£40)Choice of Workshop (£35)RetreatsDetox Weekends

Announcing the new lunch Double Nourish Yoga Class


Christchurch Community Hall (The Garden Room)

Every Wednesday @ 12h15-13h00 (Starting 9th of January)

Class only (£6) **

Class & Smoothie (delivered fresh from the Core Juice Bar) (£10) **

** Paid in a 10 week consecutive block booking

Come alongStep on your matStretch and de-stressEnjoy your prepared juiceFeel AWESOME!



(Half Moon Balance)  

The extension of your torso in one direction and the uplifted leg in the other draws a line that represents the flat edge of a half moon, while the energy in your extended arms and standing leg radiate out like beams in the night sky.

Utthita Trikonasana (Extended Triangle Pose) is both the entrance and the exit to Ardha Chandrasana


How to perform:

Starting in utthita trikonasana on the right side, drop the left hand onto the hip and turn the gaze down towards the right toes.

Bend the right knee and step in closer with the back leg so that you can balance on the tip toes of the left foot. Place your right fingertips 20 cm in front of the toes, bending the right knee as much as needed.

Rooting through the front foot, pulling up all the way to the core, transfer your weight completely & begin lifting the left leg up to hip height behind. Flex the foot.

Be sure to open up the hips so that the right hip bone stacks directly above the left. Begin looking down, but gradually begin to turn the gaze forward and then up to the lifted left hand.


As one progresses with confidence in this pose, so the student can begin lifting the supporting fingers off the ground.

For a further challenge, bend the lifted leg and catch the foot with the opposite hand.


Helps relieve lower back pain, indigestion, gastritis and constipationStrengthens back, legs, ankles, hips, and abdomenIncreases flexibility of spinal musclesRelieves fatigue, stress & depressionEases premenstrual tension

My Sanctuary Schedule

There are only another 6 or 7 weeks left of yoga for the year. Do your best to move into 2019 as healthy and stress free as possible. I will be confirming Festive Season class closures with you over the next few weeks.


All classes can be booked through the site or feel free to email me any questions or requests you may have


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