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2021 Workshops


Teacher: Karen West

When: 31st Jan & 7th Feb 2021

Where: Online

Time: 9:00am to 11:00am

This is a course designed to run over 2 Sunday mornings. It is aimed at the absolute beginner or an adept yogi wanting to revisit the basics. We will cover the most frequently practiced asanas; how to transition in flow classes & the basics of pranayama (breathing techniques).   

On the first Sunday we will focus on Forward Bends & Twists whilst the second week we will Back Bends & Balance.


No experience necessary. All Abilities Welcome. 




Teacher: Karen West

When: Sunday 7th March 2021

Where: Earth Yoga Sanctuary Studio

Time: 9:00 to Midday


Inversions & arm balances can be scary & daunting yoga concept for many people. The idea of turning one's body upset down or learning how to balance can literally bring up strong emotions of fear.

In these workshops we will be breaking down arm balances & inverted poses in order to learn the techniques required to enhance your daily practice. We will look at the strength, flexibility, breathing & mental requirements essential for these poses.

There is no need to be able to balance or invert as we will work on the foundations and steps required to be able to practice these poses safely.  

Beginner Level


Teacher: Karen West

When: Sunday 28th March 2021

Where: Earth Yoga Sanctuary Studio

Time: 9:00 to Midday


This 'workshop' is more like an energy cleanse morning. Using the principles of Reiki and Kundalini Yoga we will work at clearing and awakening the subtle energy of the body. through yoga techniques.


As we move through the day, different stresses cause our chakras to get blocked leading to a number of elements. It is important to regularly release and clear the chakras for optimal health, ​So even if you attended last year, this will is a practice that should be part of your regular self care rituals. ​


The 7 main chakras can be classified as swirling wheels of electromagnetic energy that are arranged as an ascending column, starting at the base of the spine and ending at the crown of the head. When the energy enters into a chakra and is blocked, it will try to express itself through a psychological disassociation & eventually manifesting through physical problems.


In this workshop we will be exploring all these 7 chakras. The first hour we will have an interactive discussion where we explore how imbalances & blockages in these chakras can manifest into negative physical & emotional symptoms and how we go about balancing them through the practice of yoga, specifically working with postures that relate to these energy centres and breathing techniques that will enhance their vitality.


There will also be an hour chakra flow where we incorporate a specifically designed sequence aimed at balancing these energy centres.


All Abilities Welcome



EARTH & FIRE - 2nd May

WATER, AIR & SPACE - 9th May

Teacher: Karen West

When: Sunday 2nd May & 9th May

Where: Earth Yoga Sanctuary Studio

Time: 9:00 to Midday


These 2 workshops are centred around the elements. Linked closely with the chakras & meridians, we will move, flow, breathe and meditate, with the elements as the foundation to deep Soul connection. 

The Earth element is associated with the Muladhara Chakra, the first chakra that lies at the base of the spine. It's relates to feelings of security, safety & stability. We will explore how to tap into this organic energy and bring about some serious centering to body & mind, essential to quality life.

When we embrace the spirit of Water we begin to learn to let go of the struggle and practice surrendering to the natural flow of life. For some, this is a scary prospect, but we must develop a trust in life and surrender to its natural push and pull. To develop a deeper sense of who were are, we must be willing to plunge into the darkness of the unknown and patiently wait for the potential of a new way of being to come to life. It is in the calming wisdom of the waters where we begin to understand who we are with a deeper sense of clarity and purpose. The power of water gives us the flexibility and fluidity for movement.

Expect flow with emphasis on releasing deep tension in the hips.

The Fire Element, relating to the the 3rd physical chakra, is all about digestion, not only the physical aspect of digestion, but also how we “digest” life’s circumstances. The Fire element also represents the center of our own power of transformation & self-esteem. We will explore how to ignite this fire and bring about confidence and passion through breathing, mantras, poses & bandha’s.

The air element is associated with the heart chakra and symbolises love, freedom, openness, mobility, frivolity, positivity, and intellect. When the air element is balanced, you are able to freely give and receive love, feel light and open, be compassionate, feel motivated and innovative, and express mental agility. We will work through postures that will guide you on your way to feeling light, both in body and mind.


Perfect for beginners who want to break down postures and learn them in a safe way in a safe environment. Perfect for intermediates who would like to deepen their practice.

All Abilities Welcome