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2021 Workshops





Teacher: Karen West

When: Sunday 1st Aug

Where: Earth Yoga Sanctuary Studio

Time: 9:00 to Midday


Inversions & arm balances can be scary & daunting yoga concept for many people. The idea of turning one's body upside down or learning how to balance can literally bring up strong emotions of fear.

In these workshops we will be breaking down arm balances & inverted poses in order to learn the techniques required to enhance your daily practice. We will look at the strength, flexibility, breathing & mental requirements essential for these poses.

There is no need to be able to balance or invert as we will work on the foundations and steps required to be able to practice these poses safely.  

Beginner Level

Beginners Guide to Yoga

yoga 121.jpg

Start Your Yoga Journey

Teacher: Karen West

When: Sunday 5th September

Where: Earth Yoga Sanctuary Studio

Time: 9:00 to Midday

Starting yoga can be an overwhelming experience at first. One strives to learn the postures; understand what is supposed to be going on in the body; how the breath is supposed to work and where to put the mind.

This morning is designed for those people who wish to start their yoga journey, but not sure where to begin or for those who would like to revisit the fundamentals. 


In this 3 hour beginner introduction we learn the basic postures, with the use of alignment and props, and explore the sensations felt within these asanas. We introduce the great Ujjayi breath & other magic breathing techniques. The session will end in meditation as we discover just how misbehaved the mind can be.


Making it simple, safe, slow & steady.


All Abilities Welcome



Earth Air Fire Water Ether

element 2.JPG

Teacher: Karen West

When: Sunday 10th October

Where: Earth Yoga Sanctuary Studio

Time: 9:00 to 1pm


During this 4 hour blissful morning we will brave the elements. Various parts of the physical body relate to the elements and energy centres Linked closely with the chakras & meridians we will explore sensation through movement, breathe and mindfulness to discover deeper elements of ourselves as the foundation to deep Soul connection. 

The Earth element is associated with the Muladhara Chakra, the first chakra that lies at the base of the spine. It's relates to feelings of security, safety & stability. We will explore how to tap into this organic energy and bring about some serious centering to body & mind, essential to quality life.

When we embrace the spirit of Water we begin to learn to let go of the struggle and practice surrendering to the natural flow of life. For some, this is a scary prospect, but we must develop a trust in life and surrender to its natural push and pull. To develop a deeper sense of who were are, we must be willing to plunge into the darkness of the unknown and patiently wait for the potential of a new way of being to come to life. It is in the calming wisdom of the waters where we begin to understand who we are with a deeper sense of clarity and purpose. The power of water gives us the flexibility and fluidity for movement.

Expect flow with emphasis on releasing deep tension in the hips.

The Fire Element, relating to the the 3rd physical chakra, is all about digestion, not only the physical aspect of digestion, but also how we “digest” life’s circumstances. The Fire element also represents the center of our own power of transformation & self-esteem. We will explore how to ignite this fire and bring about confidence and passion through breathing, mantras, poses & bandha’s.

The air element is associated with the heart chakra and symbolises love, freedom, openness, mobility, frivolity, positivity, and intellect. When the air element is balanced, you are able to freely give and receive love, feel light and open, be compassionate, feel motivated and innovative, and express mental agility. We will work through postures that will guide you on your way to feeling light, both in body and mind.


All Abilities Welcome


Indulgent Relax & Restore Mornings

Nidra 3.JPG
Relax 3.JPG

Teacher: Karen West

When: Sunday 28th November & Sunday 12th December

Where: Earth Yoga Sanctuary Studio

Time: 9:00 to 1:30 pm


Come in your pyjamas if you wish! 


These relax, restore & replenish mornings filled with bliss, from gentle yang flow & restorative yin to visualised meditation; conscious breathing to heart melting nidra.

Mid way snacks & goodie bags to make you smile. 


Held at the end of every year to replenish mind, body & soul in time for the festive break.  


All Abilities Welcome