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Private Yoga Sessions

Private yoga sessions are perfect for those who have always wanted to try yoga, but the idea of a class initially feels too intimidating. In our session we will run through some of the more common yoga poses you are likely to encounter in a class and cover variations to help manage injuries or mobility limitations. 

Alternatively, for those adept yogi’s who want to learn & work on more specific things like advancing poses, arm balances, inversions etc where you do not usually get the time or the one to one coaching/support during a class, then a private class setting is perfect. 


Please also consider a private session if you have had an injury and been advised to seek out yoga. Not all yoga poses are for every body as some poses aggravate underlying conditions. It is therefore important to understand which poses are unsafe and what modification or variations are available.

Sport/Range of Motion

I also tailor private sessions for anybody partaking in specific sports or exercises and may have potential weakness or vulnerabilities that should be addressed in order to prevent injury or to improve your performance.


After an initial consultation to discuss potential weakness or vulnerabilities, there will be some range of motions tests to evaluate any marked restrictions with regards to mobility/flexibility. We will then run through poses & movements specific to rehabilitation, injury prevention or improving sports performance/endurance.

Pre Natal

If you are you expecting and need some private time to gently stretch or maybe some guided breathing visual meditation to enhance relaxation, then a private session is for you.


Or if you would like to come to one of my classes and need tutoring on how to tailor your practice as not all poses are suitable if you are expecting and therefore will need to know how to modify. I am qualified pre and post natal yoga teacher so can help teach you how to alter your practice.

Group Sessions

If you would prefer to join me for a private family, group of friends or support bubble in the studio then please contact me to discuss your needs.

Please feel free to contact me for an initial consultation over the phone or email to understand your specific needs and discuss options or alternatively to book your private session please click here

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