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Welcome to our Sanctuary


The beautiful Earth Yoga Sanctuary and Earth Yoga Therapy has relocated to

612 Delta Business Park, 

Welton Road

(See below for directions - or search for 'Earth Yoga Sanctuary" on Google Maps)


Earth Yoga Sanctuary opened its doors in June 2019, fulfilling a life long dream to provide a safe space where people come to practice together.

After 4 and a half wonderful years at BSS House, we have moved, to what I hope will be, a more beautiful space in which to practice. Rest assured the soul of our sanctuary has moved with us too. 


I aim create an atmosphere that allows you to move through your practice feeling enveloped in pure warmth and safety. A sanctuary where tension dissolves when you walk through the door; ignites your energy as you step on your mat and leaves you rejuvenated when you are ready to leave.


I can't wait for you all to become part of the Earth Yoga Sanctuary Community. 



612 Delta Business Park, Welton Road

Search for 'Earth Yoga Sanctuary" on Google Maps)

Just past Tanwood School for Performing Arts, Swindon Audi and opposite the Campinile Hotel

What 3 Words: brass.larger.asking

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There is plenty of parking at 600 Delta.


For morning or evening classes (after 4pm), feel free to park in any space apart from NXXT Step Fitness (611) or Securicas (608).


For Lunctime classes you can park in the dedicated EYS bays or overflow at Tanwood Studio for Performing Arts

parking 1.JPG

Overflow parking at Tanwood Dancing Studio

Back Up Parking.JPG
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