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Karen West

Hi, I’m Karen & am really happy that you’ve taken the time to read my story.

I am a certified Yoga Teacher having trained in the classic Iyengar style. I have been teaching since 2006 and through the search for balance, my classes have evolved to include Vinyasa (Flow) with emphasis on Iyengar’s principles of breath and alignment.


17 years ago I stumbled across yoga in a search to find a new exercise routine that would transform both my body & my mind. Knowing almost immediately that this new passion was life changing, I decided to dedicate 3 years of my life to embark on a yoga teacher training course with the Young Yoga Institute in South Africa. After 3 years of intensive studying & training I was certified as a teacher. My journey into spiritual learning had only just begun. 


With a personal interest in Physical & Mental Health for the young I completed the YogaBugs instructor training in 2010.


In 2017 I started imagining my life as exempt from the corporate world and becoming a full time teacher. Little did I know how scary & rewarding living and breathing that reality would be!

I studied further with Sally Parkes and completed my Pregnancy & Post Natal training. I studied with the Teen Yoga Foundation and am proud to be the Teen Yoga & Mindfulness Ambassador for the Swindon area. I was also fortunate enough to spend last year training with Sarah Ramsden, the Man United & Man City Yoga Coach. After a gruelling course I am thrilled to be qualified to teach yoga to Athletes & Sports enthusiasts. Now that’s a tough crowd!

I have finally also completed my reiki training and am very proud to be a Reiki Master.


Over the years, the more I practiced, taught & studied, the more yoga began to infiltrate every aspect of my life.  I began to see life as what happens between breaths. I began to see people as souls on their own unique spiritual journey. I learnt the immense power of cosmic energy and the importance of keeping it in balance. I became stronger, physically, mentally & spiritually. Emotionally I became more acute.

I am inspired every time I practice, every class I teach.  I am passionate about helping my students learn open their hearts thereby finding acceptance & compassion. I want to help them learn to relax their soul, letting go of the negative and ultimately finding their inner peace & strength.

I am absloutely delighted to say that I am studying for a Diploma in Yoga Therapy from the Minded Institute in London. For more information on Yoga Therapy & dedicated  Yoga Therapy session, click here. 

May I be fortunate enough to see you on the mat soon.




Senior Yoga Teacher ~ YAP

Yoga Therapist  ~ TMI

Reiki Master ~ USUI

Qualified childrens' yoga ~ YogaBugs 

Qualified Teen Yoga & Mindfulness ~ TYF

Qualified Pre & Post Natal Yoga ~ Sally Parks 

Qualified Perinatal Yoga Therapy ~ TMI

Qualified Sports Yoga ~ Sarah Ramsden 

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