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Your Lovely Comments

Thank you, your yoga class has just been revolutionary to my pain relief and subsequent healing. The benefit it has had to my mental health is also incredible.  - Charlie (Powerlifter)

"Karen has a special connection with the universe and a joyful, calm and loving aura that emanates throughout her class and leaves you feeling as though you’ve had a 2hr long bear hug from Mother Nature! You’ll cry, you’ll laugh, you’ll sweat, and maybe fall asleep in relaxation, but you’ll never experience a better yoga experience or meet a better Yogi " Tiffany

I can't express how much I needed it and it's made me realise just how much I need yoga back in my life. 

Thank you so much for such a wonderful morning last Saturday and for being so wonderful and for offering such a sacred space.. I felt, for the first time in over two years, a full connection between my mind, body and 'self'.  I have felt so disconnected and a sense of self-loss but you helped me reconnect and discover a new, evolved me - bridging the transition from single person to motherhood that I have found quite difficult to connect. - Rachael (Pregnancy Pamper Morning)

This is making a real.difference to the carer's wellbeing, which can only help her caring role to be that little bit easier "Deputy CEO Swindon Carers"

"As a triathlete, with all the training I complete on a weekly basis I am constantly telling me legs to shut up. I found that my IT band, was so tight it was pulling my right leg around to a 90 degree angle compared to my left. I had limited flexibility, I couldn't touch my toes, I would cramp up during races. Yoga has turned my body around. It is like chalk and cheese. I am so much more flexible. I can now place my whole hand on the floor, I feel taller when I run. I am now an addict attending 5 classes a week as part of my flexibility and S&C training." - Andy

I just wanted to let you know that I went to the Yoga session last Thursday at the link Centre and again today. It was absolutely fantastic!!!  I did not expect much just thought it would be a bit of gentle exercise but I never expected to have NO BACKACHE which I have had daily for about 12 months.  It has also helped my tendonitis which acupuncture did not help.  I am so pleased and incredibly grateful to you and Swindon Carers for giving me the opportunity to do this which I know I would not have otherwise done. Karen is excellent and does a really lovely class. Thanks a million. Can't wait for next week. 

"Too Much Time at my Desk … … and in my car has often left me in need of a good all  over body stretch. When throwing exercise into the mix, this only made the problems worse: tight hamstrings and back. Karen’s Yoga Classes have been able to provide the platform for building core strength, bringing suppleness into my tight legs, back and head (space). Yoga with Karen and the benefits it brings has now become a required part of my week reducing the need for sports massages, my chiropractor seems to be happier too!" - Kim

I want to thank you for coming to our school and giving our children 3 weeks of yoga classes from reception to year 6. They all loved it! I was in Yr2 and adored your approach to getting 6/7 year olds into Yoga. I am going to try and come to one of your classes myself very soon. "Cerisa"

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