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I am pleased to announce that I am now a qualified Yoga Therapist with a Diploma in Yoga Therapy from the Minded Institute. I am absloutely delighted to be able to offer dedicated Yoga Therapy sessions. 

Yoga Therapy is the application of yoga practices to combat physical and mental health conditions to promote self-care and improve overall well-being. Whilst the practice of yoga in general aims to cultivate the body and mind and hence has the potential for therapeutic effects, in yoga therapy we are using specific yoga practices and their known benefits to help alleviate or improve mental and physical ailments



Yoga therapy has become so popular, that many doctors are now endorising it.  Various medical journals reveal research as to yoga’s multi-tiered benefits.  Likewise those in the field of mental health often recommend yoga to clients or may even integrate aspects into their work.  The Minded Institute train many mental health professionals to bring yoga therapy into clinical practice.

The evidence and support of yoga therapy is so great that the NHS is now also becoming increasingly aware of the potential benefits of yoga therapy to their staff and patients alike and they recommend the British Council of Yoga Therapists for Complementary and Alternative Therapies element of their service

For more information on Yoga Therapy, please visit my Yoga Therapy Website

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