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The monthly membership* gives the member access to unlimited classes as per the current weekly schedule. 

Please email me at for my bank detail and to confirm the monthly standing order has been set up

*The member has the right to cancel the membership following one month’s notice period.  There will be no pro-rata refund in the case of cancellation where classes in the notice period are not attended.

Earth Yoga Sanctuary has every right to terminate this membership for any reason at the end of any given month. In the instance that the studio terminates the contract, a pro rata portion of any dues applicable to future month(s) will be refunded.

A late fee of £5 will be applied for any payments exceeding 5 days post monthly renewal date.

The EYS Studio is allowed to change membership dues under this Agreement by posting notice of such change in the studio and via email correspondence at least 45 days in advance of such change.

Please print off the attached form and hand to me at class