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Authentic August

For a vast majority of us, August is all about holidays, spending more time with the family & fully recharging. It’s also generally a time of change. As we take time out to recharge & relax, so we surrender, allowing the mind to find a bit more peace and thus making space for new and exciting opportunities .

You begin to see ideas with fresh eyes and a fresh perspective. Maybe it’s seeing an experience from someone else’s perspective, awarding you more compassion and understanding.

When you step onto the mat, see your practice as your time to recharge and relax. Let the body and breath work together harmoniously while the mind empties, while it creates space.


It’s critical to take this ‘You Time’, it’s called Self Care.

Class Attendance Raffle

For the month of June and July, for every class you attended, you would have been entered into the raffle. I hope you remembered to write your name down every time you came to class!

The final day was the 31st of July. The draw has been done & I am thrilled to announce the winners for the below prizes:

Prize 1: Paula Evans Yoga mat, eye pillow, block, strap, chime set

Prize 2: Roger Ogle The Doctor’s Kitchen & a 2 Free Class Pass

Prize 3: Rachel Smith How the Secret Changed my Life & a Free Class Pass


My Beginners & Intermediate Yoga Workshop: EARTH is coming!

Sat 18th August 09h30-12h30

Shaw Ridge Primary School



Beginners & Intermediate Workshop focusing on the element Earth

When we ground & stabilize, we tap in & reconnect to the Earth's energetic frequency. This workshop is all about grounding the body and the mind through postures and breathing techniques.

Feeling stressed out and slightly out of control? Come and Earth yourself.

All abilities are welcome. Mats & Props all provided.



BEGINNERS – Sat 29th September

CHAKRA’s PHYSICAL – Sat 20th October

CHAKRA’S ETHEREAL – Sat 17 November




A Fabulously Relaxing 2-Day 2-Night Luxurious Yoga & Mindfulness Break in the Stunning Cotswolds

SEPTEMBER 7th – 9th

Come and join us in the heart of the Cotswolds for a luxury yoga and mindfulness weekend retreat. Kingham Cottages is a breath-taking spa venue, which includes five acres of landscaped gardens, a tennis court and a fantastic indoor heated swimming pool complex with traditional Turkish Hammam.

The weekend includes:

- 6 Yoga classes led by local Swindon teacher Karen West

- Meditation, pranayama & yoga nidra sessions

- Full use of venue facilities

- Fully catered with wholesome vegetarian meals

- Outdoor walks and other activities available during downtime


"I loved the weekend.  I was relatively new to Yoga, but had been keen for some time to try.  I am a big believer in trying new things and a supporter of the concept of lifelong learning.  I thoroughly enjoyed the weekend and came away enthusiastic about further exploring yoga.  There was just the right amount of yoga and you were very skilled at flexing your teaching so it was suitable for everybody in the group.  Great venue, superb food and lovely group of participants."

"Thank you for a most amazing retreat experience, the effects have stayed with me even 2 weeks later and I’ve started incorporating some of the ‘new’ yoga into my practice. The whole weekend was completing relaxing and restorative, it felt like a week-long holiday!"

"I felt challenged but not overwhelmed in your classes – I had been doubtful about the number of classes and being able to keep up but that was never a concern as I got into the weekend,

you seemed to give the most perfect class for each session and no two were the same; you read the mood and energy of group very well and were adaptive to our needs"

My Sanctuary Schedule



The Teen class will restart on Friday the 14th of September.

* Private sessions can be arranged for groups as well as individuals. Contact me for details.

All classes can be booked through the site or feel free to email me any questions or requests you may have




(Wide Legged Forward Fold)


Step the feet 3-4 feet apart. Turn the toes in slightly so that the feet are slightly pigeon-toed. Press into the outside of the feet to activate the inner ankle and leg. Bring the hands onto hips. Inhale as you lift the chest and take a slight back bend to lengthen the spine. Exhale to tilt from the hips and fold forward over the legs. Aim the crown of the head to the floor. Continue to lengthen into the spine.

A – Place hands on the floor underneath the shoulders to begin. As you deepen into the pose begin to walk the hands towards the heels bending the elbows backwards (chaturanga arms).

B - Keep hands on the hips and balance the forward fold by pressing strongly into the legs and feet, engaging the core and lengthening the spine.

C – Hands interlace behind the back. As you fold forward, drop the arms overhead, aiming to get the hands to the floor. This is intense internal rotation of the shoulder joint so sensitivity should be practiced here.

D- As you fold forward, take the 1st 2 fingers and grab hold of the big toes. Use the strength of the pull to bend the elbows out to the side and stretch between the shoulder blades. Draw the shoulders down the back & away from the ears.


Stretches, strengthens & increases flexibility in the hips, hamstrings, adductors, and glutes

Increases blood flow to the forehead and crown of the head which stimulates the pituitary and pineal glands to release feel-good hormones like melatonin and serotonin.

Stretches the spine.

B & C stretches & opens up the chest

C & D stretches the shoulders

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