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Mindfulness March

Make Mindfulness your March Mission

When you reflect on the year so far, what do you see? What do you feel? Can you even remember how you got to March?

More than not we are sprinting from one moment to the next, squeezing as much out of a day as humanly possible without actually thinking about each moment as it happens. I for one am guilty of being too much of a planner. Too often I am acting in the moment while my mind has moved on to the next. This is not really living, it’s moving through motions.

I have decided that March for me is the month I choose to live as many moments as I can with mindful intention. For me this means being conscious and present, not only to the task at hand, but to the feelings and emotions that attach themselves to the moment. My mantra is ‘find love and joy in the moment’. What is your affirmation?

As the snow has had a cleansing effect on the outside world, so too allow your breath to be your cleanse to your inner world. When you come up close and personal to another of life’s challenges, go inwards and find your breath, find your strength. Rise up and face the moment with love not fear, for the moment will pass and you will have grown stronger as a result. Act mindfully. Act consciously. Act with love.

May your March be blessed.


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