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Welcome to Sports Yoga!

What is Sports Yoga?

Put simply Sports Yoga keeps you moving fluidly like you used to. It builds strength, core, flexibility and balance. It builds a stronger, sharper, more supple, balanced body. A body that can stay at its peak for longer. Isn’t that what all athletes strive for?

Up until now the Friday evening classes have been based around classic yoga moves. These moves have been focused on areas of vulnerability, prevalent in triathletes, with an emphasis on alignment & linked with correct breathing techniques. To those triathletes that have been coming regularly to class, I have seen incredible progression in flexibility, co-ordination and strength and I can only imagine how this has been helping you to balance out & improve your training.

This year brings a lot more focus into the actual movements and injuries associated with your sports. I am extremely fortunate to be studying with Sarah Ramsden, the Man United and Man City yoga coach. Having completed the 1st of 5 sessions I am already excited about bringing these teachings into class.

So what differences will you see? The yoga moves, while still classic, have incorporated elements of pilates and really gets into the root issues that lie deeply embedded in the areas of weakness like the tight lower back, weak hip flexors etc. There is a lot of focus on spinal mobility while still focusing on correct functioning of joints and breath control.

These group sessions will start to become more familiar the more you practice. The teachings also lend themselves beautifully for one to one sessions where we will begin with range of motion

testing to assess areas that need attention, thereafter the sessions will be sequenced to target these focus points, releasing tension and opening up joints and lengthening muscles and fascia.

For those new to yoga and want to give it a try, remember that the 1st class is free. Just book on

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