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Christmas Calm

It’s that time of year when energies are raised, lights are lit and colours adorn every shop and home window. One can almost feel the love expand as people pour thought and kindness into the act of giving.

On the reverse side, stress levels rise as tension builds on the countdown to Christmas. Money pressures add to this tension and tempers cause unnecessary rifts. We treat our body and mind a little too carelessly resulting in feelings of being spent, in every way.

It all comes down to balance, and what you do to maintain it, as with anything in life.

Enjoy, with all your heart, the pursuit for the perfect gift for that loved one; absorb the festive colours and sounds and embrace the kindness and compassion associated with this joyous time. BUT, be mindful of feelings of negativity that may creep in, anxiety, frustration, and guilt and breathe mindfully when they appear. Find the joy in the moment, it’s there. Thrive on the food and drink, but remember to listen to your body, it is wise. Be gracious & grateful.

And when January arrives and the New Year dawns, unroll your mat and find You. Retrieve your balance.

As this time is magical for me, so too has it been about disappointment & fear. After years of dreaming and planning to teach yoga 24/7, with the past 8 months being intensive planning, I find myself being pushed out of the corporate world. I feel exposed and filled with dread, as if I am standing at destiny’s door and having to answer for myself.

So, I am taking my own advice, I am keeping the balance.

I get on my mat and connect; I find my peace which allows me to listen. I harbour no ill as I choose to find the joy in the situation. Life took the lead where I began to stumble over my self-doubt. It’s terrifying knowing that responsibilities need to me met, but I have faith that with passion, determination and gratitude, my Sanctuary will live up to its name, Earth Yoga.

May love flow abundantly throughout your Christmas and New Year.

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