Studio Safety Rules due to Covid-19

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, when we re-open, I please ask that you follow the below rules upon arriving for class. These rules are fluid and will change as we receive new guidance. 

  • We ask that everyone arrives promptly; 10 minutes before class starts, to avoid congestion coming into the studio. There will be no entry to the studio prior to this.

  • Please queue up for class outside the studio entrance (using our 2 metre spots) and wait for the teacher to welcome you into the studio

  • Please note the toilets at BSS House are open, though some cubicles have been marked out of bounds to ensure only one person can use the facilities at any given time

  • We recommend you arrive dressed in your yoga gear ready for class and use the facilities prior to entering the studio

  • Please enter the studio one at a time, allowing for the person in front to find their space on the studio floor before the next person enters

  • There is a new sanitizing dispenser on the wall inside the main door to your left as you enter as. Please sanitize your hands immediately upon entering the studio.

  • Place all shoes in the designated 'cubicles' inside the door. There are now 2 long runners on the floor so no shoes should touch the laminated floor where possible please.

  • Once you have taken your shoes off, please wear socks & proceed to the designated marked areas on the floor. We will fill up the studio front row first and from the side closest to the mirror across to the side closest to the entrance

  • Only place mats in allocated spaces. These will be clearly marked out on the floor

  • There will be plenty of space around you, so please use this for your personal belongings where possible.

  • There will be no shared mats or props available to use so please bring your own 

  • There will be no ‘hands-on’ assists during class, but there will of course be plenty of instructional cues.

  • It is the individual’s choice if they wish to wear face masks.

  • At the end of class please wait for your teacher to instruct you when to leave your mat and vacate the studio. This is to ensure that social distance is maintained.

  • We will exit the studio in reverse order to how you entered i.e we will exit back row first, from the side closest to the entrance to the side closest to the mirror

  • If you wish to talk to the teacher after class, please may I ask that you exit the studio first and maintain a safe distance from the entrance. Once everyone has exited, I will exit the studio and take any questions

  • Likewise, if you wish to catch up with each other, may I ask that you also do this outside the studio once everyone has exited & at a safe distance

  • The studio will be cleaned and disinfected after every class





  • Due to social distancing requirements there will be a limited number allowed to book per class.

  • It is essential that you book a space prior to arriving for your practice. Please do not arrive if you have not booked a space.

  • Classes can be booked a week in advance on a rolling daily basis. If a class is full, do keep checking back in case there has been cancellations. We will be monitoring to ensure that spaces aren’t booked in advance and cancelled just outside the cancellation window.

  • If you are unable to attend your pre-booked studio class, you must cancel within 12 hours of the class starting. Any no shows or cancelling within the 12 hour period before class will result in the session being deducted from your class pass. 

  • All class passes and memberships will now be accessed online so you will need to have a valid pass (this includes a drop in pass) in order to book your place.

  • All valid current class passes will be extended and made available to view online. These will be emailed to you over the next week.

  • Please visit our payment page on the website for passes and membership options. Due to limited class sizes, in the short term we are limiting members to 3 studio classes per week

  • However, members will have full access to online recorded classes for the duration of their membership





There will be a strict policy on those attending class. Please respect the teacher’s role in maintaining a safe environment, giving them the final say as to whether or not you can participate in class to ensure everyone stays safe and healthy.

Please DO NOT attempt to attend any studio classes if you are displaying any of the following symptoms:- High temperature - this means you feel hot to touch on your chest or back (you do not need to measure your temperature)- New, continuous cough - this means coughing a lot for more than an hour, or 3 or more coughing episodes in 24 hours (if you usually have a cough, it may be worse than usual- Loss or change to your sense of smell or taste - this means you've noticed you cannot smell or taste anything, or things smell or taste different to normal- Have been asked to isolate in accordance with 'Test and Trace'