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Remote Desktop Connection 7.1 Client Download Windows Xp malnel




artnay: sudo apt-get update should be all you need. sudo apt-get install pastebinit artnay: then you should be able to paste it into pastebin Smilex: artnay: and btw can you see any errors in the dmesg output? you can't really do much'sudo', you can't get anything done without it :p reisio: sudo -i is the same as su, except it gives you a login shell Smilex: I see that I'm missing xen driver, but that happens on radeon-powered desktop it shows on windows server 2012 dmesh artnay: yes, do you have opengl drivers installed on the ubuntu machine? Smilex: of course. also on the ubuntu machine I can see that nvidia is used on radeon as well artnay: and on the ubuntu machine you also have the nvidia drivers installed? Smilex: from apt-get: yes, nvidia is installed on both. apt-cache policy | grep '^i' artnay: maybe you can try just a "sudo apt-get install nvidia-current" artnay: the output looks good, you have the nvidia drivers installed and up-to-date artnay: does it happen every time you try to log in? no, it's intermittent artnay: do you have both nvidia and radeon installed on the ubuntu machine? no, only nvidia artnay: try "apt-cache policy nvidia-current" on the ubuntu machine




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Remote Desktop Connection 7.1 Client Download Windows Xp malnel
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