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Welcome 2018!

Once again the calendar has reset and for most of us it’s a time to reflect and set our body and minds on a path to health and vitality. Resolutions are set in place and we venture forth to conquer our demons with every ounce of will power we can muster.

Instead of focusing on giving up the negative habits & guilty pleasures, why not spin this year on its head. Focus on adopting nourishing habits. Take more steps out of your comfort zone. Be bold. Be brave. Approach change with an open mind and a compassionate heart.

Step onto your mat, sink into the meditative rhythm of your breath. Breathe that vital life force into every fiber of your Being. Strength will follow.

And above all else, love as much as you can possibly muster. Make the decision to live each moment to its full potential. Be mindful. That way, negative habits and negative outlooks will begin fading and your world will start becoming a bright place.

Be the radiance you want to see in the world.

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