Pre and Post Natal Yoga

I am fully certified Pre and Post Natal Yoga teacher, completing 85 hours teacher training in association with the Yoga Alliance certified by Sally Parkes.

I offer yoga classes for Pregnancy (2nd and 3rd trimester), Post-natal and Mother and Baby Yoga.


My teachings are grounded in sound anatomy and physiology as well as in the teachings of yoga in group settings as well as 1:1's.


My classes cover asana's (gentle poses), pranayama, (breathing) mudra (gestures which control flow of energy), meditation and relaxation. Whilst the Shakti (female) energetics that resides in all women and allows such an amazing event: (conception, pregnancy and birth) to occur is honoured. Yoga and methods developed from Pilates and gentle exercise rehabilitation, to assist post-natal recovery is also practised.

You can bring your baby to the classes and can either leave them sleeping or hold them.

Please get in touch for class information or book a 1:1 from my shop.


Pregnancy can be a very stressful time. Yoga helps clear your mind, slow your thoughts and allows you to build a bond with your baby.

Get acquainted with your body

Quietly moving in and out of the poses, you can practice listening to your body and becoming more aware of all of its beautiful curves.

As your body prepares for baby’s birth day, it’s important to maintain core strength while improving flexibility, stability and openness in the hips and pelvis in a way that won’t compromise your joints which can be weakened by pregnancy hormones.

Build Awareness

Working on postures in class can help you become more aware of your posture off the mat. Like noticing how you hunch over when feeding baby (and that may be why your neck and shoulders are so tight!)


It allows you to get out of the house and socialise with other mums or mums to be. Discuss and share experiences, advice and tips and more importantly have fun.